Student Medical Insurance

Dear All,

You may be aware that, each student / scholar of the Institute is covered under Medical Insurance. The premium is paid as a part of the Fee collected by the Institute. Every student / scholar is provided with Health Insurance Cards (e-card) for this current academic year. You can download the same from the link In case any student does not have his/her Medical Insurance Card, he/ she must approach the AR (Students) at the Office of Hostel Management.
There have been several instances when a student gets admitted to / discharged from any hospital outside the campus on weekends or public holidays. There are frantic calls to settle his/her bills. This situation arises due to the following

  1. Not in possession of Medical Insurance cards.
  2. Not informing the Hostel Office/ Warden about admission / referral to an outside hospital.
  3. Not in possession of Institute Identity Card or any other photo identity card.
  4. Not ensuring that the Medical Insurance card / insurance details are endorsed by Institute Hospital in the referral documents.

In order to ensure that the process of admission and discharge from treatment from hospitals outside the campus is smooth, it is recommended that:

  1. All students keep their Identity Card and Medical Insurance Card in safe custody and within easy reach.
  2. As soon as any one is admitted in the Institute Hospital or transferred to any hospital outside the campus, the patient or his/her friend and a nominated Staff member at the Institute Hospital must inform the Hostel Office/Assistant Warden/ Warden.
  3. The Assistant Warden / Warden concerned / Hostel Office Staff must inform the CCW/AR (Students) respectively.
  4. The OHM will immediately on receipt of this information ensure that the Hospital is approached along with a representative from the Hostel:
    1. To visit the patient (if required).
    2. To streamline the payment process(es).
  5. A list containing the names and contact details of all Wardens and Hostel Offices shall be handed over to the Institute Hospital regularly (updated and renewed after every change of Warden). This will be useful for the Hospital Staff member to pass on information to Wardens.

The contact details of the Insurance company, Third Party Administrator (TPA) and IITM contact person are furnished in below attachemnt.