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Student Film Club


Indian Institute of Technology Madras

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Details of membership categories and charges, how to get membership, Schedule of movies and other details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Film Club at IIT Madras was started in November of the year 1961 due to the efforts of Mr. Pritam Lal Kapur (BT 1960-65). Movies are projected onto a screen (white washed wall) about 50 feet wide and 24 feet tall from a projector room at a distance of 180 feet from the screen in Open Air Theater (OAT). Surround sound system with DTS is used for audio. Movies are shown in digital format using 2K Digital Projection Facility (D-Cinema - 17000 lumens) purchased with contributions from the following alumni: Niranjan Nilakantan (B.Tech-CS, graduated in 1996), Kalpathi Suresh (B.Tech-EE, graduated in 1986) and the Batch of 1975.

Regular movies are screened in OAT every saturday at 8:00PM (regular schedule) with an interval of 8-10 mins about half way into the movie. A tentative schedule of movies is announced to the campus community by an email in the beginning of the month. Based on the availability, movie for a particular saturday is confirmed on Thursday/ Friday of that week. In a year, about 50 regular movies are screened by the Film Club (half of them in english and remaining half in Hindi, Tamil and other regional languages) and another 6-10 movies are screened by various associations/ organizations on campus(typically on Fridays). Permission to show the movies is obtained from local distributors of the respective movies and digital content is obtained from Real Image Media Technologies.

Unless OAT is flooded, OAT movies are not cancelled due to rains. Watching a movie in OAT while it is raining has its own charms.


Only Faculty, staff, students, retired faculty and alumni of IIT Madras can become members of the film club. Only members and their guests are allowed to watch the movies.

Even for guest tickets, those with gallery cards can only get gallery tickets.


Request to members:

  • Cards are not transferable. So please do not give it to friends and domestic help/servants.
  • Enjoy the movie and let others in OAT enjoy it too. Be sensible and kindly do not talk on the cell phone during the movie. If you must, then go near one of the gates of OAT and do so.
  • Members and guests with gallery tickets should sit in gallery only. We request them to be more mature/ responsible and not sit in the chairs. Appropriate action will be taken against members violating this.
  • Nobody other than projectionists and the members of the film club advisory committee are allowed inside the projector room. Action will be taken against those who trespass.


Location of Film Club Office : In OAT, behind the large white screen, on first floor.

Office hours: 4:30-7:30PM every saturday.

Phone numbers: 044 2257 9427 (off), 044 2257 5008 (secretary: Mr. Karuppiah), 044 2257 4014 (President: Dr. Murthy H. S. N.).


Some useful information regarding Film Club and Open Air Theater:

Membership categories, charges and how to get membership

Schedule of Movies

Entry through different gates for different membership categories during movies

Regarding promotional/educational slides/videos that could be shown in interval

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