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Mess Rebate Rules

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Sub: Mess rebate rules – reg.

1     The mess rebate is available only for a continuous period of four days.


2            Vacation category students are not eligible for mess rebate during vacation as they are supposed    to register for mess for the period of dining only.


3            Mess rebate claims will be considered under academic reasons (attending seminar, workshop,     conferences, Internship etc.,), leave sanctioned by Department (casual leave, ODL etc.,) and Medical   grounds.


4            Students should apply separately for rebate at least three days in advance online portal www.hosteldine/ Please ensure your online application is approved by your Guide and HoD.


5              No offline application shall be accepted.


6            If, the total number of leave days at a stretch exceed more than 15 days, you need to upload a supporting document (i.e. permission letter from your department signed both Guide and HoD or an official order from academic section or Medical certificate in the case of under medical grounds.


7            Students leaving the hostel for internship/exchange program for 90 days and above should vacate the hostel and surrender the room following due procedure of submitting room vacating form. Informing department alone and leaving the hostel and request for waiver of mess charges after return (quoting instructions are not known) will not be considered. A suitable fine for both boarding and lodging will be levied.


8            Mess is mandatory for Hostellers. Students cannot mess out on their own and cannot claim mess        rebate for the same.

9            Mess rebate claimed out of Department sanctioned leave will not be considered


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